Gourmia GSI200 Automatic Ice-Cream Maker Review

Gourmia GSI200 The Gourmia GSI200 is a compact and efficient appliance that is equipped with a built-in compressor that allows everyone to make chef-style frozen sweet treats easily at home. This machine is extremely user-friendly as it supports a simple and straightforward operation. Not just that, but it is also a super-fast device that will deliver delicious frozen desserts like frozen yogurt, ice-cream, and sorbet in no time.

It is unquestionably a high-quality product that renders excellent performance through its remarkable features. It doesn’t require users to pre-freeze or manually mix the mixture as it is entirely automatic. Here are some of its principal features, brief specifications, and customer reviews of this product.


Advanced Churn Technology and Keep Cool Feature

This impressive ice-cream maker incorporates the advanced churn technology that allows users to experience rich creaminess and superior, fuller flavor. Thanks to this advanced churn technology, users can now custom-create whichever frozen dessert they want such as frozen yogurt, gelato, ice-cream, and sorbet. Apart from that, this incredible machine features a keep cool feature, which activates automatically once the machine has finished making the ice-cream. This means that once the dessert has been prepared, it will be stored at the required stable temperature for about one hour, whether you scoop the ice-cream straight away or not.

Ultrafast Frozen Dessert-Making Feature

Most traditional ice-cream makers need users to add ice and salt or pre-freeze the bowl or container whenever they start making a new batch of ice-cream. However, this device doesn’t need to be pre-frozen, allowing users to make batch after batch continuously without wasting their time. Pre-freezing the bowl takes a considerable amount of time, so when you want to make four to five batches at once, pre-freezing the bowl can waste up to an hour of a day as you’ll need to pre-freeze the machine before every batch. Thanks to Gourmia GSI200, you will no longer need to plan a day ahead for making ice-cream and can enjoy your favorite dessert at a moment’s notice.


  • The Gourmia GSI200 is entirely automatic.
  • This device has a brushed stainless steel finish.
  • The container has a capacity of about 1.6 quarts.
  • It is an electric digital frozen yogurt, ice-cream, sorbet, and gelato maker.
  • It has an auto churn lock that monitors consistency throughout the process.
  • It features a built-in compressor that eliminates the need to freeze the bowl.
  • This appliance is equipped with an LCD digital display that offers simple setting control.

Customer Reviews and Conclusion

The Gourmia GSI200 is without a doubt, the most favorite ice-cream maker of customers as it is affordable and provides high-quality performance. Customers said that this device is an easy and fun way to prepare frozen desserts at home. The motor is pretty quiet too, and the price is very reasonable. Moreover, this appliance comes with basic ice-cream recipes, which is a plus for the customers. Some buyers said that they experienced some issues with their compressor, but judging by other satisfactory reviews, the problem with a few particular users could be because of a faulty unit.

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